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Testimonial Excerpt: P. Woodward

By: admin - November 15, 20100 comments

"I appreciate the quality and character of your company and will be ordering from you again in the near future."
P. Woodward

Ibex Hunt

By: Rick - November 5, 20100 comments

We were so high and at such a precarious location that I asked Clarke to take the pictures for me. Looking down the sixty degree grade on each side of our perch gave me a queasy feeling and that admission is from a guy that used to jump out of airplanes in the military.

About an hour before sunset, Dennis called on the radio and told us that the goats were moving toward the Crab. As they got closer, he told Clarke that I was to shoot the lead billy, as the next two had broken horns. Clarke pointed to a notch on the side of the Crab Claw dome and told me to find a position from which I could shot to there, as the goats would likely come right through that notch.

Field Dressing with a Ceramic Knife

By: Rick - November 5, 20100 comments

Many skilled hunters swear by their knife in the field.

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