The two most frequently asked questions about Stone River ceramic knives

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Having just returned from a major tradeshow the 2 most frequently asked questions about Stone River ceramic knives was “what feature most distinguishes Stone River Gear ceramic knives from steel knives and do they break easily”?

First, the overwhelming difference between ceramic knives and steel knives is ceramic knives stay sharp almost indefinitely at a minimum up to 15X longer than conventional steel knives.  For example, I’ve had a set of ceramic knives in my kitchen for 7 years and have never sharpened them.  You might ask how is this possible?  Well, our ceramic knives are manufactured from Zirconium Oxide, one of the hardest materials on the planet and rivaled only by diamonds for hardness.  This “hardness quality” gives a ceramic knife its’ amazing ability to hold a razor sharp edge.

Due to the incredible hardness of the blades, they are more brittle than steel and for that reason you need to take some extra care in not applying torque or undue sideward pressure on the blade.  For example you don’t want to use the knife to pry, cut bone or split joints in poultry or beef.  A good steel chef knife or cleaver is still needed for those cutting tasks.  That said, for the 80-90% of the time you use a knife for straight cuts, slicing or chopping of vegetables, fruit, meat, fish and poultry, you’ll find an “always sharp” Stone River Gear ceramic knife is indispensable.

Other features of Stone River Gear ceramic knives that set them apart from conventional steel knives are their anti-bacterial and chemically inert properties.  For example, when you cut lettuce with a steel blade and store it in the fridge it can take on that un-appetizing “rusty look”.  This won’t happen with a Stone River Gear ceramic knife.

Another feature is easy clean up due to the anti-bacterial nature of the ceramic blade material.  A little dish detergent on the blade, a quick wipe and rinse under the faucet and you’re done.

One more thing, all of our Stone River Gear ceramic knives are covered by a 5-YEAR WARRANTY!

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