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Jeanette Clark : I received a ceramic knife set as a gift about a year ago. One of the knives (my favorite one) got chipped somehow, so I inquired with Stone River Gear as to how to replace or repair the knife, and I sent photo of the damaged knife by email. They contacted me immediately and offered to replace the knife and at no charge.
I wasn't expecting not to pay for the knife, and was so surprised and elated to receive a new one in the mail a week later. I am impressed with the product, but now also impressed with the company. Thank you so much for your great customer service and for accommodating me! I will recommend Stone River Gear to everyone I know!

Ceramic Hunting Knife Black Blade and Sheath
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Ceramic Hunting Knife Black Blade and Sheath

This Ceramic Hunting Knife is an ideal companion in the field when you are dressing game. The sleek black zirconium oxide blade is super sharp and stays sharp 12 times longer than conventional steel blades. Use on hide and flesh when you are field dressing and it will precision cut like a scalpel. No rusting, pitting or oxidation and it is very easy to clean after you complete your tasks.


  • 3 ¼” black zirconium oxide drop point blade
  • Ceramic blade is super sharp and stays sharp 12 times longer than conventional steel blades
  • No worries about rusting or pitting
  • Sure- grip textured rubberized handle
  • Custom formed nylon sheath
  • Overall length 7 ¾”
  • Each knife is individually boxed in gift presentation box


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