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Jeanette Clark : I received a ceramic knife set as a gift about a year ago. One of the knives (my favorite one) got chipped somehow, so I inquired with Stone River Gear as to how to replace or repair the knife, and I sent photo of the damaged knife by email. They contacted me immediately and offered to replace the knife and at no charge.
I wasn't expecting not to pay for the knife, and was so surprised and elated to receive a new one in the mail a week later. I am impressed with the product, but now also impressed with the company. Thank you so much for your great customer service and for accommodating me! I will recommend Stone River Gear to everyone I know!

Adjustable Focus Led Headlamp
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  • HIGH BEAM 280 Lumens; LOW BEAM 120 Lumens Strobe; on and off switch 
  • High Beam Distance 160 Meters Low Beam Distance 80 meters 
  • Includes 3 AAA Duracell Alkaline Batteries Battery life: High Beam 3 hours Low Beam 7 hours 
  • Beam Direction can be adjusted by rotating lamp unit up or down in the soft rubber cradle 
  • Telescopic focus adjusts beam from wide (flood) to narrow beam 
  • Adjustable Head Strap 
  • Water resistant 1PX4 
  • 50000 hour average LED Life 
  • 10 year Limited Warranty

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